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Melissa Lulu Jin
b. Wuhan, China, 1993

I grew up having called many places home: from small towns in regional Australia (with names like Armidale and Toowoomba), to the globalised metropolis of Singapore. Without firm roots grounding me to a single country or culture, I venture towards unknown territories and continue to learn new things and unlearn what I already know.

Trained as an architect, I tend to see the architectural artefact as an empty vessel whose spatial and tectonic qualities enrich the choreography of life. In practice, I focus on understanding how objects get built and how the object’s form influences the way in which people use it. In daily life, I observe movements and behaviours, and how I and the people around me respond and react to our physical environment. I want to better understand the rich and complex interplay between the fixed object and the human dynamics within, and also between individual desires and collective needs.

M.Sc in Architecture cum laude, KU Leuven Sint-Lucas, Brussels BE, 2019
Erasmus exchange, BAS Bergen Arkitekthøgskole, Bergen NO, 2018
B. Architectural Design, University of Queensland, Brisbane AU, 2015
B. Economics/Commerce, University of Queensland, Brisbane AU, 2011

Work Experience
Internship at JDS Architects, Brussels BE, 2017
Internship at Rotor, Brussels BE, 2016
Exhibition Guide, Architecture Workroom Brussels: a good city has industry, Brussels BE, 2016
Research Assistant, University of Queensland, Brisbane AU, 2016