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T'mat Boey Eco-Lodge
a design and build workshop with Building Trust International and atelierCOLE

Deforestation and the illegal selling of forest products is a growing issue in
Cambodia, and huge areas of natural habitat is being destroyed. At the same
time, bird watchers and nature enthusiasts flock to T'mat Boey to see the Giant
Ibis and the White Shouldered Ibis, endangered birds found only in this area of
the world.

As such, the aim of this hands-on design and build workshop in northern
Cambodia is to support the sustainable tourism industry which is run by this
rural village. Expanding the facilities of this eco-lodge means accomodating and
attracting more nature enthusiasts, both during the bird-watching peak seasons,
but at all times of the year, resulting in a more stable source of income for the

Prior to the build, the team discussed the design strategies and materials used
with chief villagers and local organisations. We worked alongside local builders
in using more traditional materials and passive building strategies to create
the lodge and bird hide. The timber framed roof structure and the large louvre
windows allow for natural ventilation throughout the building. The wattle and
daub walls are made using bamboo and an adobe mix, covered with a natural
lime render. In order to minimise the use of concrete, old plastic bottles filled
with soil is used as a filler-aggregate. A natural septic tank system is also used.

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