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If urban public spaces are a platform for the display and intermingling different walks of life, does virtual space perform likewise in this exchange between spectacle and spectator, or is virtual space a subversion of this public nature?

The Machine for Self-Expression is a disruptive mobile architecture which forces a materialisation of public virtual space in order to pose the questions: how public is virtual space? how is it used to liberate ourselves? and what does it conceal - and for whom?

Who's listening, who cares (text)

Conceiving a machine for self-expression (series of paintings)

Disrupting the streets of Eindhoven (public intervention)

This project was a response to On/Off's open call for co-machines, and is published in the first edition of Co-Machines: Mobile Disruptive Architecture. With the support of Onomatopee, this machine was assembled and built for a public intervention in Eindhoven, and was featured as part of Onomatopee's exhibition during Dutch Design Week 2019.