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UNBUILT: if it is not yet there, what could we possibly build?
SCHOOL: what can we learn (or teach) during the process of building?
ARCHITECTURE: how does space and design converge with nightlife and hedonism?

With these thoughts in mind, a group of musicians, urbanists, performers, builders, dancers, architects, anthropologists and party-goers tested out the meaning of a public night-space. We each explored our individual desires for such a place, and created many spaces which were inclusive - subversive - expressive - destructive - secretive - exclusive.

We asked ourselves: can all qualities, many of which are contradictory, constitute a public night-space? and how can this all be expressed through architecture?

The space we created was opened up to the public for one helluva night.

link 1 (damaged goods)
link 2 (official gallery)

As part of the Kunstenfestivaldesarts Free School, this project was led by Jozef Wouters and the team of Decoratelier, together with Brussels based art/party collective Leaving Living Dakota.

Photo: Laura van Severen