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untold pastimes
You're at home, you're comfortable and no one is around. What are your favourite pastimes, things you like to do, things that maybe you're too shy to admit?

From inside the Free Room, I gathered and revealed a collection of untold pastimes hidden behind curious eyes of the people passing by. I felt cosy, private and safe in my sleek designer hotel room. It was almost like a minimal version of my room at home.

All except the view from my two huge glass windows, which looked out into a hotel lobby and lounge bar. Nevertheless, I proceeded to discover what I and other people get up to when no one is around to watch...

This makes me wonder:
when you're at home,
and you know you're alone,
do you ever...

...pick your nose, like, ferociously?
...switch on some disco lights and spin around with sunglasses on, listening to Peter Grundzien? out loud with funny voices?

...stare at your face in the mirror and squeeze out every pore? naked to Drake?
...scroll on your phone and sometimes the phone falls on your face?

...pick'n'pluck leg hair, 1 by 1?
...scratch and rub the sides of your toes?
...make sounds of satisfaction when eating?

...sort m&m's by colour and pretend you're eating rainbows?
...sing and dance to Bjork?

...pretend that life's a musical?
...drop some toilet paper in the water before you take a dump?
...learn to sing Charles Aznavour songs (with lyrics from youtube)? in your underwear listening to Florence and the Machine? to yourself about your thoughts?
...make and dress yourself up for goth-bowie-esque photoshoots? to yourself as different characters?
...create silly styles on your hair?
...stare out into neighbours' windows until they notice you're watching them?