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part of the Rituals for Real Estate project

A building–housing project for Brussels
a place of learning is entangled with a place of dwelling,
through an active process of making

Choreographed through a sequence of project phases, a community based on mutual dependence and exchange is nurtured through time; the construction of the spaces of dwelling becomes an extended frolic; the complex task of building becomes a collective social event.

Central to the project is a school where basic construction skills can be learnt. This space and function is aimed at both building apprentices wanting to become professionals as well as future residents of the housing units, all of whom will learn to build through building the very spaces they will come to occupy.

Within the building grounds are various learning spaces (messy or clean, indoor, outdoor or undercover), potentially public programmes taking place in polyvalent rooms the street level and as part of the building school (seminar spaces), shared domestic facilities used by inhabitants (library, collective kitchen, laundry, play spaces).

There are also a variety of living unit typologies catering to different household formations; cluster apartments where a eight to twelve small studio apartments are organised around a generous shared living area and kitchen, maisonettes for four to six people, as well as the more conventional studio and two bedroom apartment units.

The design of the project takes learnings from the ritualistic processes from the previous case studies and finds strategies to reinterpret certain social mechanisms for the urban context of Brussels, Belgium. The aim is not to adapt all aspects of past building rituals into this project; embedding traditions into a culture is something that takes place over generations. Rather, the project suggests a design framework which enables one to create the backdrop—through architecture and the making of architecture—for a polyrhythmic choreography of cultural practices; to establish a new ritual for real estate. entry.jpg site.jpg site.jpg buildings.jpg description.jpg The School.jpg The Apartments.jpg The Barn.jpg The Cottage.jpg The Suites.jpg The Lofts.jpg school.jpg