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A screen addiction epidemic plagues my city. We are consumers of endless information; screens feed us stories to inspire, to delude, to educate, to reassure, to agitate, to anger, to entertain. Anything can be made available at our fingertips.

We believe in individuality, equality and all-you-can-eat freedom. I create my own story and I have the right to tell it to the world. And now more than ever, my voice can be heard. I can choose to see the wonders and the terrors across the globe, or I can stay within the comforts of my backyard. I can share my ideas with people I would never have known and I can be empowered with all this information. I can also see your stories, what you are eating, buying, doing.

Each individual constructs their own reality, but that reality is always a function of everyone else’s. Inside this system, screens give us our fix of stories to consume. Collectively, we allow invisible hands to guide us in creating our stories, which in turn become the realities of our society. But the voice that’s heard is the voice that shouts the loudest. So like any other system, it becomes a means to (re)distribute power.

This co-machine is a manifestation of the stories we are feeding ourselves

in a system that consumes us.

project published in “Co-machines: Mobile Disruptive Architectures” by On/Off (Berlin)

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