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Her Place

A place that inspires and sparks imagination, a place that nurtures friendship and belonging, a place to feel safe and be heard, a place of empowerment. This is the kind of environment we want to create for the girls and young women at Her Place.

This design proposal takes inspiration from the longhouse, a building typology which characterises a sense of camaraderie and belonging - a community living under the same roof. The three buildings on the elongated site form a continuous canopy interspersed with moments of open space, softening the boundaries between inside and outside.

Approaching the site, cyclists and pedestrians have a separate shaded path to the south of the site, leading towards the entry and reception area, while vehicles access via the driveway. The open arched roof design, together with some upper storey spaces, makes the entire site visible and secure whilst maintaining a high degree of privacy.

Different spatial qualities within the two training halls create the possibility for a variety of activities, offering flexibility for creative use and learning. The first is more open and allows visual connections with the gardens and the other buildings, while the second is a vast volume for hosting large gatherings.

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